System Scaffolding

System Scaffolding

'OK Scaffolding – SYSTEM’

It is the No. 1 market share system scaffolding applied with wedge fastening method.
In the case of horizontal member, it can be used in common for system support (dongbari) and system scaffolding.
The system scaffolding complemented the weaknesses of the existing single pipe scaffolding. According to government statistics, safety accidents have been effectively reduced through the use of scaffolding systems, and installation is simple and durable.

Vertical Member

  • It is a member that serves as a pillar to support the load and transmit it to the lower part by installing it upright.
  • Sturdy and durable by applying STK 500 steel grade.
Model No. Size Weight (Kg)
P38 Φ48.6 x 2.3t x 3800 12.5
P19 Φ48.6 x 2.3t x 1900 6.4
P09 Φ48.6 x 2.3t x 950 3.5
P04 Φ48.6 x 2.3t x 475 2.1

Horizontal Member

  • As a horizontal connecting member, it is strong and durable.
  • There is no risk of separation due to the wedge fastening method.
Model No. Size Weight (Kg)
H18 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 1817 4.7
H15 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 1512 4.1
H12 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 1207 3.4
H09 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 902 2.6
H06 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 598 2
H03 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 293 1.4

Diagonal Brace

  • As a member installed in a diagonal direction, it distributes tensile and compressive forces caused by horizontal forces.
  • The upper part of the fastening part is a ring type, and the lower part is a wedge type, so it is easy to install and one person can work.
  • A safety device is added with a V-cut stopper to the upper ring to prevent separation.
Model No. Size W Weight (Kg)
D18 Φ34 x 2.3t x 2629 1817 5.1
D15 Φ34 x 2.3t x 2428 1512 4.8
D12 Φ34 x 2.3t x 2251 1207 4.1


Model No. Size Weight (Kg)
T54 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 5451 53
T36 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 3634 30.8

Jack Base

Model No. Size Weight (Kg)
JB34 Φ34 x 600 3.2
JB42 Φ42.7 x 600 5.5

Scaffolding Support

Model No. Size Weight (Kg)
SS34 300 ~ 400 1.4
SS46 430 ~ 650 1.7
SS79 700 ~ 920 2.5


  • It consists of horizontal material, vertical material, slant material, and two pieces of attached ironware, and scaffold post connection ironware with more than 30mm height is installed to the horizontal material to prevent steel pipe post materials from getting separated.
Model No. Size Weight (Kg)
B06 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 598 6.3
B09 Φ42.7 x 2.3t x 902 7.3