Platform for Shipbuilding

Platform for Shipbuilding

Scaffolding Board for Shipbuilding

  • In the early days of the shipbuilding industry, a steel workbench was introduced in the working environment using plywood, which played a major role in strengthening safety and enhancing the competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry.
  • SGC 570 high-strength steel plate and reinforcing structure are applied to reduce the weight.

Specification0.8T x W300 x 3M / 2.5M / 2M / 1.5M
1.2T x W300 x 4M / 3M / 2.5M / 2M / 1.5M


  • It is installed vertically next to the aisle as an end plate and is used to prevent foot fall.

SpecificationW250 x 3M / 2.5M / 2M / 1.5M / 1M / 0.75M

Ladder for Shipbuilding

  • It is a multi-purpose temporary ladder for shipbuilding that is installed when moving between upper and lower floors.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing is applied for excellent corrosion resistance.

Specification 20A x 4M / 3M / 2.5M / 2M / 1.5M
25A x 4M / 3M / 2.5M / 2M / 1.5M